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    Reference Layers(0)
      COP Analysis Boundary(1)
      COP BLM Field Offices (Scale Dependent)(2)
    COP_AT_C_Dams_DN_HUC5_poly (Scale Dependent)(3)
    Major Rivers(4)
    Major Waterbodies (Scale Dependent)(5)
    Current Aquatic Intactness(6)
      Aquatic Intactness(7)
      Intermediate Results(8)
        High Water Quality and Low Land Use(9)
        Low Land Use(10)
        High Water Quality(11)
        Low Road Impacts(12)
        Low Hydrologic Alteration(13)
        Low Dams and Diversion(14)
      Source Data in Fuzzy Space(15)
        Low 303d Water Body Density(16)
        Low 303d Stream Density(17)
        Low Pesticide Use(18)
        Low Ground Transportation Density(19)
        Low Road and Stream Intersection Density(20)
        Low Large Dam Density(21)
        Low Diversion Density(22)
        Low Reservoir Area Density(23)
      Source Data (HUC5 Summaries)(24)
        Urban Development Density(25)
        Agricultural Develpment Density(26)
        303d Water Body Density(27)
        303d Stream Density(28)
        Pesticide Use(29)
        Ground Transportation Density(30)
        Road and Stream Intersection Density(31)
        Large Dam Density(32)
        Diversion Density(33)
        Reservoir Density(34)
    Near-Term Aquatic Intactness(35)
      Aquatic Intactness(36)
      Intermediate Results(37)
        High Water Quality and Low Land Use(38)
        Low Land Use(39)
        High Water Quality(40)
        Low Road Impacts(41)
        Low Hydrologic Alteration(42)
        Low Dams and Diversion(43)
      Source Data in Fuzzy Space(44)
        Low 303d Water Body Density(45)
        Low 303d Stream Density(46)
        Low Pesticide Use(47)
        Low Ground Transportation Density(48)
        Low Road and Stream Intersection Density(49)
        Low Large Dam Density(50)
        Low Diversion Density(51)
        Low Reservoir Area Density(52)
      Source Data (HUC5 Summaries)(53)
        Urban Development Density(54)
        Agricultural Develpment Density(55)
        303d Water Body Density(56)
        303d Stream Density(57)
        Pesticide Use(58)
        Ground Transportation Density(59)
        Road and Stream Intersection Density(60)
        Large Dam Density(61)
        Diversion Density(62)
        Reservoir Density(63)
    Potential for Climate Related Change(64)
      Potential for Climate Related Change(65)
      Intermediate Results(66)
        Renormalized High Temperature and Hydrologic Change(67)
        High Temperature and Hydrologic Change(68)
        High Temperature Change(69)
      Source Data in Fuzzy Space(70)
        High Summer Temperature Change(71)
        High Winter Temperature Change(72)
        High Runoff Change(73)
        High Annual Precipitation Change(74)
        High Vegetation Change(75)
      Source Data (HUC5 summaries)(76)
        Summer Temperature Change(77)
        Winter Temperature Change(78)
        Runoff Change(79)
        Annual Precipitation Change(80)
        Vegetation Change(81)
    Input Datasets(82)
      National Hydrography Dataset (flowlines)(83)
      National Hydrography Dataset (waterbodies)(84)
      BLM Ground Transportation Layer Features(85)
      Agricultural Pesticide Use in the Conterminous United States (1997)(86)
      Impervious Surfaces (NLCD 2006)(87)
      LANDFIRE - Existing Vegetation Type (version 1.1.0)(88)
      EPA Office of Water (OW): 303(d) Listed Impaired Waters (streams)(89)
      EPA Office of Water (OW): 303(d) Listed Impaired Waters (waterbodies)(90)
      Surface Water Rights in Arizona(91)
      Colorado Surface Water Diversions(92)
      New Mexico Surface Water Diversions(93)
      Utah Surface Water Diversions in the Colorado Plateau Ecoregion, USA(94)
      Long-Term Potential For Climate Change (HUC5)(95)
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