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Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM)

The Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) Strategy provides a framework for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to inventory and quantitatively assess the condition and trend of natural resources on the nation's public lands. Healthy, sustainable ecosystems support the diverse multiple uses and benefits of public lands. Thus, to fulfill its multiple-use mission, it is essential for the BLM to gather information to determine ecosystem conditions and how they are changing over time. Such information is actively used by the BLM to guide and justify land uses, policy actions, and adaptive management decisions. For more information about implementing the AIM Strategy, please visit the AIM Landscape Toolbox website.

Terrestrial and Aquatic Indicator Data

The provided data characterizes terrestrial or aquatic conditions at a single point in time from which trends can be assessed among multiple field visits. The terrestrial data includes measures of vegetation and soil condition such as plant species cover and composition, plant height, and soil stability. The aquatic data consists of chemical, physical, and biological indicators of stream or river condition and includes measures such as pH, macroinvertebrate biological condition, percent streambed fine sediments, and bank stability and cover. All of the provided data was gathered following standardized methods for terrestrial and stream and river resources. In addition, the vast majority of monitoring locations were selected using spatially balanced, random sampling approaches and thus provide an unbiased representation of terrestrial and aquatic conditions. However, end users would need information about individual survey designs to make inferences beyond the provided monitoring locations.


AIM Data Manager, Sarah Burnett,

Terrestrial AIM Lead, Emily Kachergis,

Aquatic AIM Lead, Scott Miller,


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