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Title: BLM AIM Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring Efforts to Date Interactive Map (Web Application Viewer)
Abstract: The map shows locations where the BLM has collected information as part of the Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring Strategy. Collected data characterizes terrestrial or aquatic conditions at a single point in time from which trends can be assessed among multiple field visits. The terrestrial data includes measures of vegetation and soil condition such as plant species cover and composition, plant height, and soil stability. The aquatic data consists of chemical, physical, and biological indicators of stream or river condition and includes such measures as pH, macroinvertebrate biological condition, percent streambed fine sediments, and bank stability and cover.
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Resource Type: geographicService
Originator: Bureau of Land Management
Publication Date: 2019-12-09
Metadata Language: English
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Theme Topics: AIM_AK, AIM_AZ, AIM_CA, AIM_CO, AIM_ID, AIM_MTDA, AIM_NV, AIM_NM, AIM_ORWA, AIM_UT, AIM_WY, AIM_NATL, ecology, Environment and Conservation, conservation, management, vegetation, range, Biology and Ecology, monitoring, assessment, inventory, AIM, core indicators, core methods, sample design, policy, background info, AIM_Policy, AIM_Tool
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West Bounding Longitude: -178.2175984
East Bounding Longitude: -74.113908
North Bounding Latitude: 71.40623535
South Bounding Latitude: 25.439444
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