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Title: BLM ARS AIM Interpreting Indicators for Rangeland Health Technical Reference 1734-6 Version 4
Abstract: The protocol described in this technical reference is designed to: 1) be used only by knowledgeable, experienced people, 2) provide a preliminary evaluation of soil/site stability, hydrologic function, and biotic integrity (at the ecological site level), 3) be used to communicate fundamental ecological concepts to a wide variety of audiences, 4) improve communication among interest groups by focusing discussion on critical ecosystem properties and processes, 5) select monitoring sites in the development of monitoring programs, and 6) provide early warnings of potential problems and opportunities by helping land managers identify areas that are potentially at risk of degradation or where resource problems currently exist. This version of Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health incorporates concepts and materials from previous inventory and monitoring procedures, as well as from the National Research Council's book on Rangeland Health, and the Society for Range Management's Task Group on Unity in Concepts and Terminology.
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Resource Type: document
Originator: Bureau of Land Management, Agricultural Research Service - Jornada Experimental Range, NRCS, and USGS
Publication Date: 2005
Metadata Language: English
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Theme Topics: ecology, Environment and Conservation, conservation, management, vegetation, range, Biology and Ecology, monitoring, assessment, inventory, AIM, BLM-AIM, IIRH, indicators for rangeland health, interpreting indicators for rangeland health, rangeland health, manuals, protocols, policy, AIM_Protocol, AIM_Policy
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West Bounding Longitude: -124.404
East Bounding Longitude: -98.603
North Bounding Latitude: 49.945
South Bounding Latitude: 30.747
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