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Title: ARS Monitoring Manual for Grassland, Shrubland, and Savanna Ecosystems (Vol. I: Core Methods) 2nd Ed.
Abstract: The Core Methods volume of the second edition of the Monitoring Manual for Grassland, Shrubland, and Savanna Ecosystems provides a single, standard reference for the core methods which are part of the BLM Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring Strategy (AIM) and NRCS National Resources Inventory (NRI). This continues a process of methods standardization that began in 1998, during the first NRI pilot, continued with the establishment of the NRI on non-federal rangelands in 2003, the publication of the first edition of this manual in 2005, and subsequent adoption of the core methods by the BLM through its national AIM strategy in 2011. The process used to select the core methods for AIM Strategy has been described elsewhere. A similar, but less formal process, was used by the NRCS to select the same methods for the NRI. All of these efforts were stimulated by the 1994 National Academy of Sciences publication, "Rangeland Health" and the report by the Society for Range Management Task Group on Unity in Concepts and Terminology. The second edition reconciles minor methodological differences between the first edition, the NRCS NRI program and the BLM AIM Strategy in an effort to further standardize data collection methods among agencies. 1) Vegetation height, Species inventory, and Plant identification methods are new additions to Volume I, 2) Monitoring program design (Volume II, Chapters 1-8) is amended to reflect the NRCS Conservation Planning Process and the BLM AIM Strategy, 3) Plant density (formerly Belt transect) and Semiquantitative methods are moved from Volume I to the Supplemental Methods section of Volume II, 4) Instructions on Establishing a monitoring plot, Plot characterization and Plot observations are enhanced and moved to Volume I, 5) A new chapter on Quality Assurance and Quality Control is included in Volume I, and 6) Example transect length is now 25 m (75 ft) but transect length may vary by ecosystem and management objectives.
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Originator: Agricultural Research Service - Jornada Experimental Range
Publication Date: 2015-01-01
Metadata Language: English
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Theme Topics: ecology, Environment and Conservation, conservation, management, vegetation, range, Biology and Ecology, monitoring, assessment, inventory, AIM, BLM-AIM, core indicators, core methods, sample design, manuals, protocols, AIM_Protocol
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