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Generate KML (MIR_2011/MIR_TS_C_175407_FigureE_3_11_GoldenEagleOverallScore)

    Reference Layers(0)
      MIR Analysis Boundary(1)
      MIR BLM Field Offices (Scale Dependent)(2)
    Overall Rating Based on Indicator Scores(3)
    MIR - HUC12(4)
    GE_MIR_R5Bias WY Distribution WYNDD Model Output(5)
    Maxent Output Golden Eagle Distribution(6)
    Indicator Rating for the Extent of Suitable Habitat (% of HUC)(7)
    Indicator Rating for Road Density(8)
    Indicator Rating for Distance to Transmission Lines (km)(9)
    Indicator Rating for Distance to Wind Turbines(10)
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